Ipsolon specializes in ultra-small form factor high performance Software Defined Radios. Ipsolon SDRs are suitable for development but designed for deployment in harsh environments. Our specialty is ultra-wideband radios with substantial signal processing resources for demanding SDR application. All radios have at least 2 and up to 16 TX/RX channels and have clocking subsystems designed to support high performance phase coherent communications and sensor applications. New Ipsolon SDRs have integrated RF Front Ends covering 0 to 18 GHz, advanced multimodule coherency and GPS disciplined clock reference. There are also SDR companion modules to support 10 to 25G optical links for massive IQ streaming capability.

Ipsolon can provide custom module design and rapid prototyping of SDR hardware and software for any type of SDR application. We have extensive experience in baseband signal processing and FPGA based development. Collaborate with Ipsolon to jump start your next SDR project using any of the Ipsolon SDR radio products.

Ipsolon Research Inc.

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